Only Two Weekends Left Before Christmas!

Only Two Weekends Left Before Christmas! Where to Find Lights and Activities:

Where to Find Lights and Activities: If you are looking for ways to fill the last two weekends before Christmas, Seattle and the Puget Sound area have been making merry since Thanksgiving weekend. Check out my blog post from November 25th – Let the Holidays Begin! Downtown you can find everything…

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5 Things You Can Do Now to Avoid the Damages of Sitting

Avoid the damages of sittingAvoid the damages of sitting

To Sit, or Not to Sit, that is the Question You may have read recently that sitting is bad. It’s even been referred to as the new smoking. After just one hour of sitting, a biochemical change occurs that slows your metabolism and begins to store fat. Extensive sitting, like at a…

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Let the Holidays Begin!

Let the Holidays Begin! Seattle in the Fall, view from the South.

The Seattle Times has reported sun Wednesday, November 25th through the holiday weekend. Our family is packing up the Caravan and heading across the Sound for Thanksgiving in Port Orchard. If you will be around Seattle this weekend there is a cornucopia of activities to get you in the holiday spirit. So grab an…

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