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Checklist for a Two-Year-Old’s Needs (with Pictures) | eHow

A Checklist for a Two-Year-Old’s Needs. A 2-year-old child has passed such major developmental milestones as the ability to play make-believe, move around on his own power and feed himself. Growth and development have slowed down a bit compared with the first two years, but the 2-year-old still has a lot of growing left to do. Needs a…



Is Gift Card Money Deducted Before or After Sales Tax? |

Is Gift Card Money Deducted Before or After Sales Tax?Tax is generally not charged when purchasing a gift card, but most likely will be charged on a purchase in which the gift card is used as a payment method. Pay attention to your receipt or online checkout screen to verify specific…



Do Colors Affect Your Emotions When Used in Restaurants? | AZ Central

Color has been studied by psychologists and marketers for its effect on emotions. Individuals have their own preferences for color choice, but there are some universal truths about how color can …



Examples of Social Media in the Food and Beverage Industry | AZ Central

Examples of Social Media in the Food and Beverage IndustryThe food and beverage industry continues to increase its presence on social media. People out enjoying a meal, trying something that tastes amazing, or who find a great deal at their coffee shop like to share it with their friends. They can “check in” on Facebook, give a rating on review website Yelp, add a photo to their Pinterest board or tweet about their new favorite…



Business Recycling Laws |

Recycling methods began to appear in laws and regulations during the 1980s. Initially, recycling was met with criticism. Business owners voiced concern that recycling would be more expensive and time …



Electronic Manufacturers & Recycling |

Electronic Manufacturers & Recycling

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2009 report on the management of used electronics, 438 million new electronic products were sold that year. That’s double the number of products sold just 12 years prior. The report also explained that over 7 million tons of electronics are being stored or…



Harassment Prevention Policy |

Harassment Prevention PolicySupreme Court decisions made between 1986 and 1993 have defined harassment, and together with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, two types of workplace harassment were settled on: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. The EEOC requires employers to prove intent to…



Harassment Training Examples |

Harassment Training ExamplesHarassment covers any unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that creates a hostile work environment, in person or by electronic communication. Training should include quid pro quo examples and list protected characteristics such as race, age, gender identity and religion…



Zoning Laws for Home Businesses | AZ Central

More than half of businesses in the United States are run from home, and companies like Apple, Dell, and Mattel all began in a residential space. Home businesses have special zoning laws to protect …



Teamwork Exercises for Virtual Teams |

Virtual teams have different hurdles to overcome compared with their in-office counterparts. Team bonding and a sense of pride may be difficult to develop virtually, and a lack of trust in fellow …



How to Analyze Penny Stocks | The Nest

How to Analyze Penny StocksConducting analysis before investing in a company helps maximize returns and avoid disastrous mistakes. Quote information is helpful, but won’t give you the full story. You will need to spend some time learning about the business record for that company as well as their competition…



Do All Stocks Allow Pre-Market Trading? | The Nest

Do All Stocks Allow Pre-Market Trading?

All stocks allow pre-market trading; however, there are many factors that will determine if an order will execute during that session before the market opens. Your brokerage company, news about the stock, quote reliability and…



How to Sell OTC Stocks | The Nest

How To Sell OTC StocksOver the counter stocks can be monitored on the OTCBB or OTC Markets. These agencies report transactions that are not reflected at the major exchanges for listed securities. OTC stocks might be more volatile than stocks listed on the major exchanges, and it can be more difficult to…



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Tips for Single Parents That Save Money & Time | People – Opposing Views

Finding out what your favorite actress ate for breakfast and flinging fowl to knock down rickety buildings can be a good way to wind down or take a break from the stress of being a single parent, but …


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