Website Design and Social Media

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Tired of your old website?
Need a fresh logo?
Opening a new business?

I can help you with every step in the process:

  • Select and register your domain name
  • Locate and set up your domain host
  • Design a “Look and Feel” for your business and create your logo
  • Build your site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Establish networking presence with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more!



This website you are on now ( and its logo are examples of my design and development skills. I built the site with WordPress. It is hosted by GoDaddy and my domain is registered with Google.

Here is another logo and company website I designed and developed: Datos-In-Harmony, LLC

Contact me for your Design, Development and Social Networking needs:
renee.delrosso@peridotpurple.comWeb Design and Social Media Image of Computer monitor, tablet and cell phone
TEXT me at 425-243-6885
Or message me from my Facebook page here.

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