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Lavender Farm

Lavender Farm

Young Living Essential Oils

If essential oils could provide a natural solution to relieve your health symptoms rather than pharmaceuticals, would you want to try them? What if those natural solutions also added other benefits to improve your overall physical and mental health, plus eliminated toxins in our home by providing natural replacements for personal care and cleaning products, AND gave back to the community? Would you be 100% on board?

I am!!!

Before I endorse an organization, I have three requirements:

  1. To consistently use their products or services myself
  2. Ensure they give back to the community (global and/or local)
  3. Confirm they support the environment we all share

Young Living Essential Oils does all these things, and more…(more about the “more” later)!

We have the benefit of combining thousands of years of trial and error with current scientific research to access all the safe, healing properties essential oils provide. Are you ready to get started? I would love to help with your healing journey! Want more information? Get in touch with me!

To learn more about how I am using other natural solutions, along with essential oils to successfully work through my personal health issues, check out my posts and pages on Yoga and other ways to natural health and wellness. Or schedule a free consultation with me on the Appointments & Events page.